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Hair Transplantation Planning

The planning of hair transplantation  is one of the procedures that needs to be planned personally as in the plastic surgery operations.The conclusion after the operation needs to have an an outlook that is special for the patient,natural and distant from fabrication.

The determination of the type of hair loss that is made with the patient in the prereview before the operation,the assessment of how sufficient is the donor area for the transplantation,the examining of the hair follicles and the decision of which transplantation technique will be more productive and righter are the most important stages of the planning.The planning of the transplantation should be shaped entirely in the prereview,especially the front hair line planning should be determined with the cooperation of patient/doctor.

hair transplantation planning

Why is the planning of hair transplantation important?

The planning of hair transplantation  is actually the secret hero of the transplantation.Even if  the accuracy of the technique and the application form looks like the key of the natural appearance,each transplantation that is not planned properly before cause various risks and troubles.

The transplantations that are made randomly and in which the problems that could be encountered with are not calculated and are not analyzed properly can end up in a fabricated appeareance.This situation can cause lack of self-confidence and it can make the patient unhappy by causing an insufficient and impersonal appearance.

The stages of the planning

The determination of the stage and the type of hair loss: To determinate whether the the hair loss continues or not and how often it happens is one of the key points of the planning.It is calculated in this stage that how many graft will be needed in  the area where the hair loss happens.If the hair loss continues,the patient may need another transplantation in the future.In this case the donor area must be evaluated more observantly, and it must be calculated in the manner of that it can preserve the follicles that will be needed for the second transplantation.

The evaluation of the convenience of the donor area: The donor area is determined and whether it will provide the quantity of the graft that the transplantation area needs,the state of health of the follicles it consists are evaluated.

The design of the front hair line: The front hair line is designed in the most appropriate way for the face type of the patient.

The determination of the personal hair transplantation technique: The last stage of the planning is th determination of the transplantation technique.The health state of  the hair in the donor area and the areas where the hair loss happens are examined profoundly.The compatibility of the hair follicles in the donor area and its integrity on the back of the neck,how much of it can be taken without distrupting the naturality and with which technique it can be protected better are the variables that have important role in the determination of the technique.When all these variables are calculated, it can be determined that for some patients the FUE technique and for the others the DHI technique will give the most natural result.

Last modified: December 4, 2018

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