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What to do before and after the hair transplantation?

Why  is being careful important in the before and after process of the hair transplantation?

There are matters that needs to be taken care of and to be careful with by the patients in the before and the after the hair transplantation process which is a surgical operation.Performing an issueless operation is directly related to the attention and the care of the patients to reach the most natural conclusion and to get through the healing period more comfortably afterwards.As long as the patients take good care of themselves after the hair transplantation that is performed by an experienced doctor,it is not possible to encounter with any kind of unexpected results.

Regardless of what kind of techniques and manners of application are used in the hair plantation operation,the patients must be informed in detail about all the possibilities,the complications and the indications.In the pre-review,the things that needs to do be done before the hair transplantation and the things that needs to be careful with afterwards must be told down to the last detail.If the patient is informed about all stages,it will reduce the operation based stress and also it will prevent the preoccupations.

before and after the hair transplantation

The hair transplantation procedure should not be thought as an easy procedure.As in all surgical procedures some complications and reversions may occur during or after the hair transplantation operation.For example;using blood thinner medicines by ignoring doctor’s advice and not pausing the usage of  these medicines may trigger serious bleeding problems.Therefore it is important to be very observant of your doctor’s advices in the period of the before and the after of the hair transplantation.

What issues must you pay attention before the hair transplantation to?

During the pre-review you should inform your doctor about your medical history in detail.If you have any disease that is in the sequence of treatment or any kind of diseases that needs usage of medical on a daily basis like diabetes,blood pressure,ulceration you should inform your doctor about the medicines you use and their usage periods.

One week before the operation;

  • The usage of the medicines that have blood thinning and anticoagulant features like aspirin needs to be stopped.
  • For its blood thinning features alcohol should not be consumed for one week if possible,otherwise its usage should be stopped absolutely 3 days before the operation.(before and after the hair transplantation)
  • Because of its negative effects on the body and the the reversions that it can create,the usage of nicotine should be stopped one week before absolutely if possible or at least 3 days before.
  • Since they have effect on increasing the bleeding,the usage of the multivitamin prepats that contain vitamin B and E and the herbal teas that contain those vitamin should be stopped.
  • Exhausting exercises like cardio or body building should be quitted one week before the operation.Before and after the hair transplantation,the consume of alcohol and nicotine should be stopped for 2 days.

On the operation day;

  • Your hair must be washed
  • You must not use any chemical hair conditioners like hair gel,hairspray
  • You must not use any local medicine to your scalp and your hair
  • It will be the best option for you to choose clothes that have zipper or buttons on its front,clothes with wide collar that you can easily take off
  • If the operation is in the early morning having breakfast,if it’s in the afternoon having a light lunch is very important.You must be full during the operation.

What issues must you pay attention after the hair transplantation to?

The hair transplantation is an operation that doesn’t require hospital stay.The patient can return to his/her house or hotel to take a rest.It is not recommended to drive for at least 6 hours after the operation.

First 48 hours after the operation; is the most critical period.In this period any kind of contact to the plantation area must be avoided.After the first two days for the adaptation of the hair follicles transplanted to new areas,the first hair wash procedure is done absolutely by the experts.

During the first three days;

  • Consuming alcohol is totally prohibited
  • Blood thinners like aspirin should not be taken.
  • The patient should avoid any activities that will cause exhaustion and should rest as much as possible.
  • The area of the operation should not contacted with water as long as it is not allowed by your doctor.
  • The shampoos and the lotions that you doctor recommended,the medicines that your doctor prescribed should be used the way that it is recommended.
  • Holding your head straight as much as possible will be helpful to heal the operation originated edema.
  • The contact of the hair transplantation area with the sun should be avoided.When you need to go outside,a hat that doesn’t tighten your head and that is made from a soft fabric should be used.

During 15 days after the operation;

  • The donor and the plantation area should be protected from any kind of contact and factor like a pillow that can harm the hair follicles.When you sleep,you should prefer the recumbent position.
  • It is recommended to lie down on a harm and small pillow by placing a rolled towel under your neck.
  • During 15 days after the operation,it is recommended to wear clothes that have wide collar and zipper or clothes like shirts.The reason for that is protecting the hair follicles from any harm during changing of clothes.
  • Haircut with scissors can be done as long as any kind of contact to the scalp is avoided.But to get any hairdressing service at least 45-60 days should pass after the operation.
  • For 15 days if possible for one month you should not go swimming,go to sauna or go to turkish bath,the area should be protected from high exposure of sunlight.
  • Hair drying procedure should be done with slight moves and a towel and a hair dryer should not be used.
  • During two weeks after the operation it is not recommended to have sexual intercourses.
  • You may have an urge to itch on the are of plantation as a result of healing and incrustation after the operation.The area should no be itched and the cortex should not be treated with a fingernail.You should contact with your doctor immediately if the incrustation lasts more than 10 days.
  • During the 15 days after the first washing procedure,the hair should be washed with unpressurised and lots of water.
Last modified: December 3, 2018

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