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Obesity Surgery

obesity surgery

Obesity and Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery: It is the common name of the techniques applied surgically to resolve the obesity (excessive kilos) problem. Genetical factors and unhealthy food habits triggers the excessive fat depot in the body. Obesity effects negatively the life ot the people by limiting their movements. Fast food, usage of excessive carbohydrate and sugar, the food consumed suddenly after a very long period of hungry forms a basis for the obesity. The obesity that is defined as “Fat depot in the body in a level to disrupt the health” by World Health Organization can bring along a lot of diseases. The energy taken and the calory quantity needed to burn must have a certain rate in order to be able to be protected from the diseases that causes obesity.

The process starts with measuring the weight and the height of the patient in obesity surgery. After the evaluations, the most convenient technique for the patient is determined. The patients to be operated by obesity surgery, must inform the doctor about all of the medicines they use regulary, about their health history with every single detail and they must have all the examinations needed before the operation.

Obesity Surgery Techniques

The obesity surgery techniques can be classified into 3 different techniques;

Sleeve Gastrectomy: It is a surgical operation known as “tube stomach surgery” colloquially. It is the operation method in which the stomach is given the shape of a tube and is made smaller. It is realized by closed method.

Silicon Gastric Band: It is known as “ Handcuffs operation” colloquially. It is a surgical method in which the band is placed around the stomach and its volume is reduced. It is realized by closed method.

Gastric By-Pass: It is a surgical method in which some part of the small intestine is desactivated in order to make the stomach smaller. It is in the group of malabsorptive and restrictor operations.

Stomach Doubling (Sleeve Gastric Plication): It is the method of doubling the 2 of the 3of  stomach onto itself  by closed method.

The researchs reveal that the fat percentage of the female body is higher than the fat percentage of the male body. While the fat percentage of the male body is between %15-18, it is between %20-25 in the female body.

The people must calculate accurately the quantities of the taken and burned calories, avoid usage of excessive sugar and carbohydrate and do exercises in order to protect themselves from the obesity and the deseaes it causes.

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