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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most preferred hair transplantation techniques?

  • FUE technique
  • DHI technique
  • Percutaneous technique

What must be paid attention before the hair transplantation?

It is recommended to wear shirt, clothes with zipper or with wide collar. The patient must stop using blood thinner medicines 10 days before the operation and alcohol 3 days before the operation.

How must be the position of sleeping after the hair transplantation?

The patient must lie on his back during 2 weeks after the operation and nothing that can harm the hair roots like quilt or pillow must touch to the transplanted area.

Can the patient do exercise after the hair transplantation?

During 45 days after the hair transplantation the patient must avoid heavy exercises.

When should the patient take a shower after the hair transplantation?

The water must not touch to the transplanted area in the first 48 hours after the hair transplantation. The first hair wash is realized by the expert people after 48 hours. No towel is used to dry the hair, only dryer can be used.

When does the hair start to grow after the hair transplantation?

2-3 months after the hair transplantation the new hair starts to grow, since these follicles are thin they fall. The patient starts to see the ultimate results 6 months after the operation.

Which area are the hair roots extracted from in hair transplantation operation?

In hair transplantation operations the hair roots are extracted from the nape, legs and chest.

Is hair transplantation a painful method?

The hair transplantation is not a painful operation but some people may have pain after the operation. After the operation the painkiller can be used under the control of the doctor.