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Eyebrow Transplantation

How is the Eyebrow transplantation implemented? 

The eyebrow transplantation is the process of to design the eyebrow in compliance with the face by FUE technique, and to increase the eyebrow density in the areas with eyebrow loss problems. The distorted structure of the eyebrow as a result of genetical factors, traumatic injuries, and wrong eyebrow plucking can be corrected permanently with the eyebrow transplantation. The eyebrow transplantation that makes the mimics more clear, and makes the glances more meaningfull and attractive can be implemented to both of the men and women. The process that can be finished within a few hours is a comfortable implementation since it is realized by local anesthesia.

As the hair transplantation operations, also in the eyebrow transplantation operation the donor area is the nape zone. The reason that the follicles are extracted from the nape is that the follicles of this area are efficient and healthy follicles that never shed and keep reproducing follicles lifelong. The growth direction of the eyebrow is different for each person. Thus the experience and expertise of the people who realize the operation directly effects the success of the operation.

eyebrow transplantation

After the eyebrow transplantation

After the eyebrow transplantation, tiny crusts start to be observed in the implementation area. In the period of incrustation there must be no touch to the incrustation area with hand (like scratching ). In the after the operation the natural shock hair loss process starts. In the 3. month that the shock hair loss is completed, the transplanted eyebrow start to grow again. The eyebrow that grows very fastly in the earlier stages, grow with normal speed as it is adapted to its new place. It takes 7-8 months to see the ultimate results of the implementation.

The patient must avoid the activities like swimming in the sea, in the pool and going to sauna or solarium and sport during 2 weeks after the operation. Besides, the patient must be protected from the sun during the time that the expert who realize the operation recommends.


The eyebrow transplantation operation is realized in a sterilized environment with local anesthesia by our expert teams. The hair roots extracted from the nape by the method of FUE are transplanted to the area with problem. The operation takes approximately 1-2 hours. After the eyebrow transplantation you can slowly have the eyebrow structure that you wish within 2-3 months and your glance can gain meaning.

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