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Mecidiyeköy Mah. Mecidiye Cad. No:5 Estetikland Plaza Şişli İstanbul

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+90 533 133 6258

Mecidiyeköy Mah. Mecidiye Cad. No:5 Estetikland Plaza Şişli İstanbul

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We provide service in international platform with our high grade and expert staff and with our 17 years of experience. We realize hair transplantation and personalized hair design in order to provide admirable hair to our patients who face hair loss problems by re-designing the hair that is one of the most important details of human visuality.

We do not limit our services with only hair transplantation and we also provide services of transplantation of eyebrow, beard and mustache, hair simulation, obesity surgery and plastic surgery. All of our services are provided in sterilized environments by our specialists by keeping the quality and health standarts in the highest level. Besides our services, protective and supportive alternatives for the long term are also provided by our specialists.

In the health sector where our biggest referance is the collaboration with the well-established hospital groups and our experience, we utilize the newest technology simultaneously with the world. We stand out among our rivals by using and following all kind of innovations made in our field in order to give reliable and high quality service to our patients who come from every part of the world and we take firm steps in international platform.

Hairtransland Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Center, has a team that is expert in the field of hair transplantation and hair treatment methods and carries on business on international platform for many years.

It is an expert establishment that  has realized thousands of hair transplantation operations until today.

You will have service from our expert doctors to have the appearance that you deserve.


  • The most important factor of the hair transplantation is the hair design. We promise you the optimal hair design for the structure of your face and hair.
  • Personalized hair design is one of the most important privilegious that differentiate us from the other hair transplantation centers.
  • We gain the trust of our patients not only with the treatment but also providing long-term protective and subsidiary supports.


  • We aim to be a hair center that is based on confidence and that the patients may entrust themselves with inner calm.
  •  We aim to fulfill the requests of our patients within the shortest time and to provide them successful results.
  • We aim to follow the technological developments simultaneously all over the world and to keep our equipments up-to-date.