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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

beard and mustache

As a result of the importance of aesthetic appearance increases the men also started to take care of themselves in order to appear more aesthetical and increase their self-confidence.

The beard structure that starts to appear in the adolescence period can differ depending on the genetical factors. The hair loss in the beard and mustache that occur due to genetical factors, skin diseases, injuries and burns are cured in better ways with the methods in the medicine that are developed more each day.

After realizing the necessary analysis for the areas with hair loss by experts, the problems of beard and mustache are removed totally and the patient is provided an aesthetic appearance.


The FUT method that was developed as a remedy of the the hair loss in the beard and mustache has not been used after the development of FUE method in 2002. In FUE method the hair is shaved and the follicles extracted are planted to the skin by openning channels on skin. In the first days after the operation the skin may have redness but it will have its normal appearance within one week.
By the 3rd month after the operation the results are started to be observed. The hair planted starts to grow naturally and according to the structure of the skin, and it is not noticed in any way. By DHI method the hair is not shaved the transplantation is realized by the help of tools that look like pen with thin pin. No distortion occurs on the skin in DHI method. In Percutaneous method, round channels are opened on the skin and the transplantation is realized with thin pin needles.