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Hair Simulation

What is hair Simulation?

hair simulationHair simulation is a technique applied to the skin of the head when considered necessary in the cases of partial hair loss. It is applied in order to give an aesthetical apperance to the regional hair loss that occur because of the skin diseases like alopecia, traumatic accidents and injuries or genetical factors. It is also the most ideal technique to fill the blank point spaces occured on the head skin after the hair transplantation.

How is the Hair Simulation Implemented?

The area to be applied is anesthesized before the process. The color pigments that are in compliance with the hair color of the patient are injected to the epidermis layer of the skin by the help of sterilized needles. Although it is confused with tattoo because of their similarity, in fact they are different in many ways. It requieres more sensibility than the classical tattoo procedure and the pigments are injected to the different layers in the two processes. In both of the processes the pigments with different content and structure are used.

Hair simulation and hair transplantation

Hair simulation is a successful supporter implementation of hair transplantation. Since the hair simulation is based on camouflage while hair transplantation is based on reproducing hair ,it can not be considered as an alternative of hair transplantation.

In hair simulation implementation the dye called B.C.N.T and that is the world’s most quality dye brand and was confirmed by N.S.I Dermatology Laboratories.

  • The dye used during the implementation does not have any negative effect for the health of the patient.
  • The non-surgical implementation is realized in a sterilized environment with the needle by the expert people.
  • The patient can have swelling during 1-2 after the operation. Since the area is subjected to needle impacts the patient can have incrustation during 1 week. The crusts must not be intervened in any way, they must be waited to fall down by themselves.
  • The implemented area of the patient must not contact with the water during 3 days and must avoid the sauna and solarium during 1 month in order to increase  the duration of the permanence of the implementation. The hair must not be dyed during 1 month after the operation.

The hair simulation that provides an aesthetic appearance for also the cases of injuries and operation scars, is not recommended to be applied to the people with diabetes, cancer, and anemia.