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Rights of Patients

The people who apply to our healthcare organization have the following rights in accordance with the regulation of Turkey Republic Ministry of Health

  1. Utilization of the services

Utilize the protective health services and activities aimed at healthy life in the scope of justice and rightness,

  1. Taking the service equally

Take service regardless of the race, language, religion, sect, political opinion, philosophical belief, economical and social status,

  1. Information

Have information about all of the services and possibilities,

  1. Choosing and changing the organization

Choose and change the health organization and utilize the services of the health organization,

  1. Knowing, choosing and changing the personnel

Know, choose and change the identification, duty and titles of the personnel and the doctor who will provide the health service,

  1. Asking information

Ask all kind of information about the health status verbally or written,

  1. Privacy

Take all kind of health services in an environment with privacy,

  1. Consent and Permission

Utilize the medical interventions with consent and permission,

  1. Rejecting and stopping

Reject and/or stop the treatment,

  1. Security

Take service in a safe environment,

  1. Fulfilling the religious duties

Fulfill the religious duties within the scope of the opportunities of the establishment,

  1. Getting Respect

Take service with respect, care, politeness,

  1. Comfort

Take service in an environment with all of the hygenic standarts, and without any disturbing factors,

  1. Visit

Accept visitors in accordance with the principles and procedures determined by institutions and organizations,

  1. Having companion

Ask to have companion in the case that the doctor considers appropriate within the opportunities of the health instutions and organizations and regulation,

  1. Right of apply, complain and sue

In case of the violation of rights, apply, complain and sue in the scope of the regulation,

  1. Continous service

Utilize health service as long as needed.


  1. Knowing the doctor with his/her name, understand the treatment that the doctor recommends, use the medicines that the doctor prescribes are the most important responsibilities of the patient.
  2. The patient has the responsibility of informing his health status correctly and completely. The patient must explain his/her complaints, the contagious diseases, operations, the treatments applied that he/she has had or still has, and the medicines and habits correctly and completely.
  3. The patient is obliged to inform the doctor or doctors who are responsible for the treatment about the instantaneous changes and new complaints that occur during treatment implementation.
  4. The patient is obliged to pay the quantity necessary for the implementations realized for diagnosis and treatment  within the period of the time determined by the health organization. If the treatment costs are covered by an organization, the patient must give the information of the organization correctly and must certificate when necessary.
  5. The patient is compensated the harms that is done to inventory stock or consumables of the health organization due to faulty usage of patient and  that the patient does on purpose.
  6. The patient is responsible for the consequences if he/she does not follow or reject the instructions of the doctor.