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Could Hair Transplantation Be Realized To The Diabetic People?

Could Hair Transplantation Be Realized To The Diabetic People?

Diabetes is a complex disease that changes patients’ life styles completely.The problem of hair loss sometimes can be diabetes based and sometimes can be developed indepedently from the disease.In both cases it is possible to realize hair plantation for the people with diabetes type 2. But first of all the blood sugar level of the patient needs to be kept under control.Since your health is not threatened before and during the operation,make sure that the risk factores are eliminated and kept under control.It is not recommended to get hair plantation to the patient who have type 1 diabetes and use insulin on a daily basis to prevent the ascends and the descends of the blood sugar.

hair transplantation for diabetic people

Diabetes and Hair Loss

In the type 2 diabetes the hair loss problem can show itself in two different ways.The hair loss which is most encountered in the diabetic people is the one that happens because of the process malfunction of the Androgen hormone and it is hormone based.All types of hormones in the body are controllee by the system of ecdocrine.The uncontrolled ascends and the descends of the blood sugar level in diabetes distrupts the process of the androgen hormones which affects directly the hair health.For this reason it is known that the most of the diabetes experience hair loss and their hair health corrupts.

Another cause of the hair loss is seen in the patients of diabetes happens because of the problems of the blood circulation.The pigment hemoglobin that contains iron in red blood cells carries the oxygen in blood to all parts of the body.The increase of the rate of the sugar in blood causes the pigment hemoglobin to be glycosylated.The pigment that changed their shapes can get stuck in the capillaries.The situation of getting stuck of the oxygen that is carried by the hemoglobin in the vessels,kills the cells and the tissues that the oxygen can’t reach to.When this situation happens in the cells of the hair follicle,hair loss and hair follicle deaths can occur.

Because of the attack of the immunity system to the healthy cells of the body in type 1 diabetes,hair losses can occur.Since type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and risky ascends and descends can happen in the level of the blood sugar during the hair plantation,the operation is not recommended to the patients of diabetes.

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The process before the hair transplantation of the patients of type 2 diabetes

The patients of diabetes who want hair plantation,need to be examined elaborately and their health conditions need to ne determined if they constitute any kind of obstacle or not.Important matters that are examined during detailed checks and the pre-interviews;

  • The effect of the diabetes on hair loss and the determination of the main reason of the hair loss

  • The examination of all the analysis and the observations that need to be done completely(Before the operation “HbA1c” blood test that determines the rate of glycosylated hemoglobin in blood must be applied to the patients of type 2 diabetes to perform the operation).To let the authorities and the institutions that say that you can the operation performed without taking this test,can cause serious risks,
  • The effects of the diabetes on the immunity and circulation system,
  • How much the level of the blood sugar can be kept under control,
  • How the hormones and blood sugar level of the patient will be affected during the operation which is a long procedure that lasts about 6-8 hours,
  • How much will be affected the small wound and the incrustations caused by the operation by the diabetes during the healing process

The matters that the patients need to be careful with before the operation

  • To make all the analysis and the observations done completely, 
  • If there is any diet plan that there doctor recommends before there operation; to keep the blood sugar under control by sticking to this diet plan,
  • To inform your doctor about the medicines you use and your usage pattern precisely
  • If you have unstable blood sugar level aggresive or latent diabetes,your hair plantation doctor and the doctor who deals with your diabetes need to communicate with each other before the operation

The effect of the diabetes on the operations of hair transplantation

The most important effect of the diabetes that changes the structure of the blood on the operation is prolonging the healing process.The micro ducts that are opened on the scalp for the hair plantation are described as wounds in the healing process.To shorten the healing process of the small wounds and the incrustations, a medicine support and a much more elaborative care program need to be applied.

Another important factor for the hair plantation is the coagulation speed of the blood.For that reason before the operation quitting the medicine and even the food and the drinks which have anticoagulant effect at least for 10 days is requested.But during diabetes,some patients must use anticoagulant medicines.In rhis kind of situations hair plantation is not recommended.Because to stop taking these medicines may cause a life threat.

Last modified: December 23, 2018

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