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The Best Country for Hair Transplantation: Turkey


Hair transplantation in Turkey

Everyday a lot of tourists from all around the world come to our country to have hair transplantation in Turkey .We also welcome a lot of tourists not just for hair transplantation but also for the operations of plastic surgery.This proves that rising star of the health tourism is Turkey among the countries of the world in this intense circulation.Among many fields within the health tourism,the hair transplantation is the most preferred operation in recent years.Turkey which is a leader in the field of hair transplantation does not seem like to lose its important position for long years thanks to its much more suitable price policy and the succesful operations…

Why should you prefer Turkey for hair transplantation?

Istanbul is the the most preferred city for the operation of Turkey which is the last trend of health tourism and the star of hair transplantation.Istanbul which is one of the most interesting cities with its historical and touristic places,is also the capital city of the plastic surgeries done in Turkey.During the hair transplantation which is done in a period of 4-5 days,it is found tempting by all the tourists to find the opportunity to discover the city in the meantime.

The only reason that the tourists are having a hair transplantation done in Turkey does not just originate from touristic purposes.Other than that the most succesful hair transplantation operations are operated by Turkish doctors,moreover with much more suitable prices compared to the other countries…For example; while the operations are done with astronomical prices like 20.000 dollars,the hair transplantation operations are realized with much more economical prices in Turkey.When the topic is the graphic of price/performance,it is not that surprising that Turkey is the leader country in the field of hair transplantation.

The successses of the specialists and the levels of expertise,the technology used,the possibility to make touristic tours during the health reasoned visits and to have all of these with suitable prices is the proof that İstanbul and Turkey is the rightest address for hair transplantation.

The difference of Hairtransland in hair transplantation

Hairtransland is one of the most known companies in İstanbul in the fields of eyebrow,mustache/beard and hair transplantation with its success of the hair transplantations it performed and the 17 years of experience.Hairtransland which welcomes its thousands of guests from many different countries in İstanbul,outdistanced its many competitors with its experience.Hairtransland that became a brand in the hair transplantation operations,also made a difference  with the doctors and the team who are experts in their fields in the international zone.

If you want to experience a hair transplantation that will make you happy with its success;you can contact us and you can take detailed information from our experts.The team of Hairtransland will be honored to see you among all the guests who are coming from all over the world and to welcome you its valuable guests in the magnificent city İstanbul.

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Last modified: February 19, 2019

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