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PRP (Stem Cell Treatment)

What is PRP?

PRP in long terms “Platelet Rich Plasma”, is known as the stem cell treatment.PRP which means rich in thrombocyte is used in many medical divisions for the stimulation of the recovery.PRP which is a treatment method is neither a medicine nor does it contain any kind of medicine.In the treatment of the stem cell,the blood sample taken from the patient who the treatment will be applied to,is eluted with the help of the special filters and the centrifugation device.The plasma rich in thrombocyte obtained from this centrifugation,is injected in the areas that are aimed to be recovered and to be revived.As a result of 2-4 times of outgrowth of the thrombocyte obtained with the method of stem cell compared to the thrombocyte in blood cells,faster and more effective results are accomplished.

How is the PRP applied?

The treatment of PRP,is making the need-based blood about 8-20 cc taken from patient that is in a centrifugation device rich in thrombocytes which procure the blood coagulation .The liquid that is enriched in thrombocyte is again injected to the treatment zone by creating a deliberate damage.Because thrombocytes also contain a growth factor in itselves it provides healing and regeneration.

 Which fields the PRP treatment is used?

Generally the stem cell treatment that is used for the treatment,is also known as the PRP treatment.The stem cell treatment started to be used in the dental field,the orthopedics and the physiotherapy,the dermatology,the treatments of nonhealing wounds and in many other fields.PRP has the plastic surgery and the medical aesthetics among the fields where it is used,as in other fields when it is also applied with the hair plantation treatment very successful and productive results are acquired.The hair plantation is also a application that can be supported with the stem cell treatment and when it is supported a much more effective results is obtained.

prp stem cell

The Importance Of The PRP in Hair Transplantation And Hair Care

PRP which is used in the field of hair plantation treatment,is applied to decrease the hair loss and to make the hair follicles of high quality by strengthening them.The stem cell treatment which also guarantees the permanence of the follicles that are used in the hair plantation, provides the acceleration of the growth process and the healing of the wounds caused by the plantation procedure.Also in the procedures of hair plantation supported with the stem cell treatment,the hair follicles which can’t produce any high quality hair after losing their healthy structure and power can be made strong by regeneration.

Since PRP is a treatment method that is obtained from the patient’s own blood,it does not cause any kind of allergic reaction.The stem cell treatment can support the hair plantation in two different ways.The first of them is the method of steeping the hair follicles in a stem cell-supported liquid before the hair follicles taken from the donor area are placed in the transplantation area.PRP that prevents the weakening of the hair follicles taken from the donor area with this type of usage,also plays an active role in the prevents of graft loss.Also the follicles steeped in the stem cell based liquid,adapt much more easily to the transplantation area.The second method is the PRP that is applied to the hair follicles after the hair plantation.The plasmas which are rich in thrombocyte that is injected to the scalp supports the cellular regeneration.Not just the donor or transplantation area but also all the hair follicles that lost the ability of producing hair of high quality can be made strong by regenerating itselves.

Last modified: December 3, 2018

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