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Me After The Hair Transplantation

It is quite wondered which matters the patients should be careful with after the hair transplantation and how the application will affect our routines.To ask and to know whether the operation will create any obstacles in long and short terms is one of the necessities to feel safe.Therefore we compiled the questions asked and the things that our consultants wonder the most who are informed in detail by applying to Hairtransland.

after the hair transplant

How long after the hair transplantation can I eat?

For the reason that a general anesthesia is not applied to the patient during the hair transplantation, there is no harm in eating before or after the operation.

What matters should I be careful with about the nutrition?

During the process after the surgery,the patients are not given to a special diet program that they need to fulfil or a list of food group that they should pay attention to.The patients can maintain their eating habits in the same way.

How long after the hair transplantation I can consume alcohol?

It will take about 2.5-4 months to have your new hair.In the first month of this period,you should avoid consuming alcohol.

How long after the hair transplantation can I smoke?

It is absolutely prohibited to smoke in the transplantation day or the day after the transplantation.But you can continue to smoke 2 days after the transplantation.For the acceleration of the healing process after the transplantation smoking less if possible quitting it will be rightest thing to do.

Can I do exercise after the transplantation?

It is not recommended to do sports,to do heavy works and to exhaust themselves to the patients who have the operation for one month.One month after the operation you can go back to your daily workout routine.If you are doing any kind of sports in which there is a possibility to take an impact to the head area(like kickboxing or boxing) waiting for 45 days will be rightest thing to do.

How long after the hair transplantation can I have sexual relation?

It is recommended to have sexual relation for 2 weeks after the operation.

How long after the hair transplantation can I shave?

It is not recommended the usage of the equipments that can make pressure in the head area like razor and electric razor for 6 months while shaving the head after the hair transplantation.One month after the hair transplantation you can trim your hair with a scissors without touching the scalp.

How long after the hair transplantation can I go swimming?

Sea,swimming pool,sauna and turkish bath can have a risk of infection.To prevent this risk,it is recommended to avoid these kinds of activities for 3 weeks.

What matters should I pay attention to not to harm the hair follicles after the transplantation?

To not to harm the hair follicles in the area of transplantation the patient should sleep in the supine position and if possible a travel pillow(or a rolled towel) should be placed under the neck.At least for 2 weeks after the operation,preferring the wide collared,zipped in the front or buttoned clothes will prevent the harm to the area of transplantation or the area of donor.

At least for 2 weeks after the transplantation the patient should not contact with extreme cold or hot,the transplantation area must be protected from the sun light.

Last modified: December 4, 2018

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